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Alaska is for Lovers

My friend Zoya and I need our own hashtag for all the cool things we get to do together! Seriously! What do all of you think of #ZandKtakeAlaska or #ZandKforever or #keepingupwithZandK?! Okay I'm done.

We met up with husband/wife couple Erica and Hunter and hiked to Bodenburg Butte in the Matsu Valley in Alaska a few months ago in May. Erica and Hunter were so much fun, so laid back, and down for whatever! Hunter was so attentive and tender to Erica and it was so cute to witness their love. They just so happened to celebrate 6 months marriage at the time too so it was a nice little anniversary shoot. We frockiled in the mountains, made Erica and Hunter freeze their asses off in the cold glacier winds, twirked to imaginary music and Zoya let me play with her prism! It was a GREAT evening. Sorry this post is so late, I hope ya'll enjoy this gorgeous gallery.

Had to include this gem.

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