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Cook Wedding

This wedding is close to my heart in so many ways. The maid of honor and Groom's sister, is my good lifelong friend Alysha and I have known this whole family for many years! Jake and Whitney have the kind of love that people search forever for. They're best friends, and their dedication to each other shined through on this amazing day.

Their wedding was held at Broken Antler Winery on a windy, somewhat smokey filled sky day. We had terrible forest fires in Washington state last summer and I really hope that this 6 week blizzard we've been having is a sign we won't be returning to those days this summer. Anyways, the venue was ahhhh-mazing and fit the bride and groom's style to a tee. Jake is an avid hunter-fisherman-outdoorsman and Whitney is an all american country girl raised in Oregon. Jake's older sister Alysha and her husband Ryan actually got married at the same venue, 7 years before! It holds the most amazing memories for this family. The Yakima river runs right through the property, there's a shop for people to get ready in with lots of taxidermy animals inside, antler sheds all over the property, with vineyards and majestic willow trees. Whitney's dad had a horse trailer converted into a giant keg, they had a cupcake tree, and a table in the reception area with framed photos of loved ones that had past away. The groom and groomsmen wore wedding boutonnieres that had .306 bullet casings with succulents, pheasant feathers, Jake's had a rooster tail fishing lure on the end, and had a custom wedding ring made by Rogue Antler Arts in Montana, who even put gold in it from the family gold mine.

The groom didn't see his bride til she walked down the aisle. They had an Irish handfasting ceremony after the exchange of the rings, and tears were flowing through out the whole thing. It was an honor to photograph this wedding and I look forward to photographing many more memories for this family.