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Haley Wedding

Updated: Jun 13, 2018

John + Anjali


This beautiful wedding was simply one that made me grateful to have been chosen to capture it and also super humbled to be present for such a spiritual union between husband and wife.

Anjali included her Hindu culture and traditions and wore a beautiful red and gold sari, along with her bridesmaids who wore an array of different colored saris. In the Hindu culture, the bride wears red during the wedding to symbolize fertility and and prosperity which I find super cool! The ceremony and reception was held in a gorgeous Orthodox Christian Church called St. John's Cathedral. John's father actually made the stained glass for the church. I had never been to this church before, but was in complete awe of how beautiful architecturally it was and even in a spiritual aspect, it was a feast for the eyes AND the soul.

I caught the most beautiful moments: John tending to his future step sons, as he fixed their ties and did the finishing touches of their outfits. As he took his time writing a love note on the bottom of Anjali's Betsey Johnson stilettos. Anjali's grandmother wrapping a sari around her daughter and grand-daughter, the bride. Friends laughing amongst each-other. The first look was done after the bride and groom finished getting ready. The look on John's face was priceless as he ogled at his beautiful bride. The ceremony included a lot of traditions, one of which I found truly moving; the ceremonial walk, when the priest took the couple around the alter three times. I found myself with a couple tears behind my camera, truly moved by it. They did other traditions like the crowning, drinking of the common cup, and readings. When the ceremony was done, we went downstairs to celebrate! The room was decorated with every color in the rainbow, gorgeous decor, bedazzled elephants at the bridal party table, streamers, and lights. It was such a beautiful sight! So many hardworking women prepared traditional Indian food. The toasts were both filled with humor and wisdom. You could feel the love in the room surrounding the bride and groom. There was a live band and lots of dancing. It was truly a stunning day! I am not a religious person and I swear, I could feel God joining these two together in holy matrimony. It was beautiful and powerful and I will not forget it. I hope you enjoy what I captured.

Anjali's beautiful daughter