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Intimate Lake Chelan Wedding

I'm finally going to start blogging my summer/fall weddings! It has been a blurry last few months of editing, sessions, scheduling, moving and getting settled into a new town, all the while being a wife and mother to two toddlers at home. I'm excited to start blogging these and add words to some of the most beautiful of moments a human being can have. I cannot wait to share this one with you!

Tori and Ryan have a love so tender, fun and pure. They've been together for a couple years and share a son together, Kam. When Tori (who I've known for over 13 years) contacted me to capture her small intimate wedding at Lake Chelan, I was all game! What she described to me, I could have never imagined what would really be the final creation of her wedding day. Imagine this: a massive archway covered, and I mean COVERED in blood red flowers of all kinds, greenery with gorgeous mirror stands holding up giant silver chandeliers. Gothic inspired table settings with more greenery than you can imagine, with such elegant details in every direction. A beauty bar and cigar bar stationed outside a cabin right at Lake Chelan. When I arrived and walked the grounds, I could barely believe my eyes. Ryan and Tori opted for a first look and it was so sweet to see Ryan tear up at the first sight of his bride. Even their son, Kam even got a special look of his mom and his reaction was priceless! Tori walked down the aisle with her father in true metal chick fashion to "Nothing Else Matters Instrumental" by Metallica! It was amazing! After their heartwarming ceremony they dined on prime rib, drank from local breweries of Yakima, and laughed as they shared stories of the couple. It was an intimate affair filled with love and celebration of Ryan + Tori, and family and friends that had become family. Feast your eyes on this beautiful day:

Flowers by Kameo

Dress by Davids Bridal

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