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Madison Styled Shoot

Lately I've been buying more dresses and fun clothes for shoots instead of myself. When I was browsing online, I saw this GORGEOUS dress. I mean jaw dropping stunner of a dress and so I bought it. I went to Tequila 61 for a birthday dinner a year ago and the architecture and Spanish rustic decor! I put two and two together and decided it would be fabulous for the virgin Mary moral and chic couches/chairs. Madison, a local model came to mind as I had not shot with her yet and was DYING to. So I reached out to both Madison and the Events Coordinator for Tequila 61 and we got the ball rolling. I ordered this amazing head crown from SoVein on Etsy and it brought the whole look together. Madison brought the fire and magic and I believe this is my best shoot EVER. I am so proud of myself and how much I've grown these past few months. I am also so so so thankful for all the amazing talent that are willing to work with me and trust in my vision!

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