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Morse Wedding | Alaska

With "Going to the Chapel with Love" by the Dixie Cups playing in the background, Charity applied her own makeup in the guest suite of the most epic cabin located out in the stunning Mat Su Valley of Alaska. She was excited and calm, and a mere hour from seeing her groom during the first look. Her bridesmaids did their own hair, in beautiful braids that would have took me a long Youtube tutorial to achieve. Charity left her gorgeous natural curls down with an arrangement of babies breath added to make a crown. 3 stories upstairs, the guys were getting ready. The groom gave all his groomsmen classy old-school pocket watches and joked amongst themselves to calm the nerves.

The first look was something I'll never forget. Daniel turned to see his bride and he just crumbled. He was so in awe of her beauty. You could tell the moment hit him like a brick wall - the best brick wall one could hit. They held each other for a good 5 minutes before we headed out on the grounds to take their portraits. A couple puppies that belonged to the cabin owner followed us around for every shot and we had a good laugh while they tagged along. A lot of the bridal portraits have a pup that I had to photoshop out. I don't mind one bit though. There was even a little of 8 week old labrodoodles located outside, it was hard for me to keep focused on the job with all that cuteness around.

Charity did a first look with her dad, that completely broke me. It was so real and heartfelt. Their bond was so tangible through the lense. One of my favorite moments was when the brides dear friends said a prayer over her before the ceremony. The ceremony was short and sweet, the minister delivered an excellent story about how the two met. Daniel and Charity's vows were honest and soul bearing - they pledged themselves to one another under a wooden pentagon that the groom made himself. Daniel had a lot of family fly all the way up from his native Colombia and they even served Colombian cuisine at the reception.

Photos really don't do the day justice but I tried my best - Charity and Daniel, it was an honor to capture this for you. I wish you many decades of love, laughter, & happiness.

Cabin: Private residence

Dress: David's Bridal

Flowers: Storybook Floral

My first wedding couple I have ever photographed was there!

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