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Sani Wedding || Kennewick, WA

Kyle and Mary. They are two of the nicest people I have ever met. When I met them for their engagements -we quickly knew we were a match made in heaven as far as wedding photographers/couples go!

I arrived at the Sani residence first to capture the guys getting ready. Thy guys were in great spirits. Joking around, laughing, and drinking beer out of custom baseball bat cups Mary had made for them. Even the couple's dog Hemi helped the groom get ready! I headed over to an air bnb next to photograph the girls getting ready. Mary getting into her dress was just like it is in the movies. Her mother helped with the final touches and I loved capturing her and her mother's bond throughout the day. We then headed over to a local marina to capture group shots and then to Holy Spirit Catholic Church for the ceremony. Kyle and Mary waited to see eachother for the first time, when Mary walked down the aisle with her parents. When Kyle saw his bride, he was overcome with emotion. You could tangibly feel how much he loved her just in that first look. The ceremony was beautiful. "I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Kyle Sani!" the priest exclaimed and I don't think I've ever seen a couple MORE EXCITED to seal the deal!

We headed to the Benton County Fairgrounds for the reception and family//wedding party photos. At sunset, we took some absolutely photos of the couple back at the marina. Although I had to fight off some high-school kids taking Homecoming photos in some of my spots... *kidding* We headed back to the reception for toasts, donut cutting (the couples favorite) and LOTS of dancing! The bride's family serenaded her to "Bless The Broken Road." They have a family tradition to each child/sibling as they get married of doing that. It was really awesome. The couple's first dance was to "More of You" by Chris Stapleton and I was actually brought to tears during it. Watching them sway peacefully side to side together, it was more than just dancing. It was spiritually moving. You were watching two souls become one that whole day but in that moment I saw something my camera could never truly capture.

I hope you all enjoy these! I am so unbelievably lucky I get to meet such fine people and capture their wedding days!

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