Soap Lake Styled Elopement

I did this styled elopement for Valentine's day and get ready because it's finally hitting the blog. I kind of threw it all together last minute and definitely learned a lot about styling a shoot for next time. Especially the florals because we put them on the frame wrong. Christien and Kyshia met me up at a popular hiking trail on a VERY WINDY + COLD day and they were so relaxed and carefree about the whole process. Kyshia is my favorite coffee gal and she is absolutely stunning! Can you say future career in modeling anyone?! I think she's a dead ringer for Sasha Pieterse from Pretty Little Liars.

I had an idea to do a floating picture frame with florals tied unto it. It was hard to keep the florals in place with the crazy winds we were experiencing. My husband was the perfect little/big assistant that day. He jimmy rigged a wooden mop handle and fashioned a hook on the end and held this 40lb set up from the back of his truck. We all had a good laugh watching him do this.

The dress is actually SHEIN and these beautiful florals are from one of my favorite boho florists, Adrian from Rose and Sparrow in Cle Elum. I have gotten to work with her before on a styled shoot photographer Heather Carrillo put on and I have a few brides who are using her for their own weddings. Her work is always so unique and singular. I actually still have this dried bouquet sitting on my desk as I type this. I love it!

I am going to plan a lot of styled shoots like this, this summer because these make more happy than any dollar amount could describe. I really love that people are willing to meet me in the middle and help create these whether it's talented vendors or lovely models.

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