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Vantage Surprise Proposal

So this is probably one of my all time favorite sessions I've ever shot, because it was so raw, real and emotional. It was a sacred space. Just God, Jeff, Megan and I standing on the ledge of this cliff overlooking the old vantage highway and Columbia River. It can only be described as a spiritual experience. Here is the story leading up to it:

I actually found Megan on Instagram, and she and her boyfriend, Jeff had this amazing bohemian aesthetic that I love to photograph, so what did I do after creeping on their Instagrams?... what anyone would do naturally: reach out for a TFP shoot! They said yes and we made plans to shoot with one of Megan's amazing embroidered jackets. Behind the scenes, Jeff reached out to me and express he wants to actually PROPOSE to Megan at this shoot and that this can be the cover. WHATTTTTT?! When he asked if I was in, it was a huge "UHMMMM YESSSSS" from me! I've always wanted to shoot a surprise proposal but have never got the chance.

We arrived at the shoot spot: I barely slept the night before I was so excited and nervous, Jeff was nervous, and then there's Megan, all smiles and totally unaware that her life was about to change forever. We shot our first series, it was super cold but these two killed it. Megan wore this amazing fringe asos dress and it really made the photos POP. Then we went to the next place: the overlook. I knew it would be the perfect spot for Jeff to pop the question. We walked to the spot, Megan put on her embroidered jean jacket and we took a few shots with the view in the back while Jeff dropped down on one knee with a beautiful custom designed from Ken and Dana Designs. A beautiful oval cut diamond with leave prongs on each side. IT WAS AMAZING! Megan's face says it all when she turned around and saw Jeff down on one knee, proposing they spend the rest of their lives together. The tears were flowing behind the camera ya'll. IT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL. She said yes of course and it's all kind of blur of pure joy, and two human beings truly and madly in love with eachother. I hope ya'll enjoy these. Guys, please hire a photographer when you propose, it is something truly unforgettable and an out of this world amazing gift for your bride to be.

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