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Wahchella Falls Bridal Portraits

I've realized how I've neglected to blog any recent shoots I've had so I figured now was a good time as any to start! I was supposed to photograph Derek and La'Quillas wedding two separate times but as you'll know rude ol' COVID went and ruined their plans. Derek and LaQuilla married anyways, and we shot their bridal portraits at the most amazing place, Wahchella Falls in Oregon!

Everyone said it was an easy hike! It was actually pretty strenuous. Derek even carted his son's stroller 75% of the way! La'Quilla's mom was the real MVP though, carrying La'Quilla's train the whole way.

When we got to the top, it was the most perfect lighting. The blue water with the rich green trees, ferns and mosses made for the most beautiful and moody PNW backdrop. I 130% recommend doing some wedding bridals somewhere adventurous because although we were all second guessing as we were hiking there, the final images were WELL WORTH the adventure.

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