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A Colorful Alaskan Elopement

This styled elopement is hitting the blog today! My friends, Zoya (Zoya Dawn) and Chelsa (Chelsa J Photography) and I threw on this fun, easy styled elopement with the hopes of capturing something different and simple and the results are f*cking mind blowing! It was a cold rainy and very windy day. I had just flown in from Seattle which was to be a sunny 81 degree day to a 47 degree rain fest in Alaska. I hadn't been back since July 2018 so it was a nice little welcome back for me. I hadn't realized how 1 year away from Alaska had made me such a wuss. Well anyways, the shoot went amazing. Couple Dani and Jesse joined us for some fun and were serious troopers. Dani's rainbow hair matched the blankets and the florals by Flower Flingers. I found this amazing eclectic dress on Fashion Nova and it fit her like a glove. Zoya's sister, Zanna revamped an adorable photobooth Camper called 'Myrna' and you can find her and hire her for your own Alaskan wedding on insta (@phototrailerak)! It seriously is the perfect thing to have at any wedding! Dani and Jesse were absolutely amazing and so easy to work with! They actually weren't our original couple and when plans fell through, they stepped up last minute and it was meant to be. You will understand when you see these. Jesse wore a classic taupe suit and was so tender and loving to Dani. Dani has the most perfect smile- laugh that any photographer dreams of photographing and I am just so happy and content with images I got. Here you go:

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